The Big Move- part 4, Yahoo, Colorado!

by lianabennett on August 4, 2006

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I decide not to stress the old truck’s transmission pulling the trailer over Raton Pass, and detour North. Turned out to be a good plan, as I later heard that Raton Pass is closed due to smoke. I take a rarely used back road to Walsenburg. Didn’t see another car the whole way, so I decide to stop in the middle of the road and do some picture taking. I love this, not a soul in sight. I notice a dark cloud directly in my path. It’s unnervingly ominous. I find a spot and decide to pull off the road. To my surprise, it begins to hail. Large balls of ice are bouncing off my windshield, I never expected this in June. When the storm passes, the landscape has turned to white. What a beautiful welcome. Of course I can’t resist taking more pictures. Crazy tourist lady with the Florida license plates is my excuse.

I get to La Veta Pass and find it is closed, also. That’s OK, it’s an excuse to spend the night in a lovely state park with HOT SHOWERS Yipee! I needed that hot shower pretty badly. I pull a blond move, and discover only after I am completely undressed, that the showers require quarters. I can’t be the first person to do this, so I dart to the change machine dressed only in my towel. This trip just keeps getting more fun. I feel clean and I smell clean, but best of all, I’m finally in Colorado.

The next morning, the announcement is made that the pass will temporarily be open to traffic. I thank my guardian angle, grab a quick coffee and hurry to get in line behind the escort vehicle. There are fire trucks and fire fighters everywhere. This is almost too much beefcake for a single girl to stand. Ah, Colorado, the colorful State.

Well, I made it, and I have been spending more time goofing off than working. Moved into my quaint little rental house. Been visiting old friends and making new friends, lots of hiking, sight seeing, off roading, and just generally not getting much work done at all. Then I took a side trip to Grand Junction to see Mom and Dad, when inspiration struck. An idea for a whole new series of paintings.
I am really excited about these, and I am on the third one. I call this series, “The mountains are Sleeping.” My Mom wasn’t sure she liked my new idea. 6 foot, life size paintings of naked ladies, didn’t sound proper to her. When I sent her a picture of the first painting, she was relieved.




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The Epiphany Artist August 7, 2006

wow that is cool!

"van Vliet" Art Blog August 25, 2006

mother Earth higging Terra Firma. Nice work and I want to see the rest. Glad your trip and move were successful.

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