The Burn Barrel – Life in Colorado

by lianabennett on May 1, 2007

in Colorado

Like the city girl that I am, I inquired about garbage days. The Grimwoods provided me with an old blackened oil drum, calling it the “burn barrel.” Coming from South Florida, were burning anything, gets you immediate attention from the local authorities, I was a bit perplexed. “Just throw your garbage in there and light it”, I was told. “But, what about plastics and spray cans?” I inquired. “Just toss ‘em in, they’ll burn just fine.” So I try, like the good tenant, to do as instructed. I light a kitchen match, toss it into the barrel, and run. Problem is it does not want to light. So I try adding newspaper. That does the trick. Soon there are clouds of black, toxic smoke billowing out of the can and wafting towards my kitchen door. I wonder if I should buy gas masks for everyone. There is something just so wrong about this whole concept. I really miss my garbage men.




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