Busy as a Bee

March 3, 2011

Hello to all, I have been busy.  So I am going to show some items made in the last week or so.  All pictures are thumbnails, click on one to see the larger picture. Debbie (spouse) bought me a whole pile of beads and beading supplies.  Expanding my tool box, now I have two. First […]

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Wife’s Ring

February 3, 2011

For those new to the forum, Debbie is my wife and the inspiration for most of my artistry.  She came into the shop a couple days ago and looked through the gem jars (several hundred) of the cabochons and faceted stones that are in our collection and my inventory and selected a triangular cabochon of […]

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Large Bead Completed

January 18, 2011

After trimming the ends of the composite stone. Ends made perpendicular to long axis. Then I pierced copper discs of 15 mm from a sheet of 23 ga copper. These were made into half domes using my dapping block and punches. Attaching these to the ends of the stone made a bead that is 36 […]

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Large Bead Project

January 15, 2011

A bit ago, I read in Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist about a method to take a slab of material and form a large bead.  I selected a nice looking slab of agate and laid out the four slabs that would be combined to form the large bead. After bonding the four slabs together (super glue) […]

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Zircon Rings

January 6, 2011

Finished two rings with 2 carat round brilliant orange Zircons as the focal stones. One has zircon accents and the other marcasite accents. The focal stones were originally cut to use as a pair in ear rings. I just loved their color with these castings. The metal is Sterling silver and they are beautiful. The […]

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Anniversary Necklace

October 5, 2010

Debbie and I will celebrate our 18th Anniversary this Saturday. I fashioned from Sterling Silver a heart punched with “LOVE” and highlighted with a 6 mm pearl mounted slightly off centre to balance the LOVE on the left edge. Clasp and jump ring for lobster claw to attach to are large because Debbie needs larger […]

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Cat’s Eye Ring

September 3, 2010

While I was at the dentist a couple weeks ago, the dental assistant asked me to make her a ring with a stone that she had in another ring.  She brought in her current ring (cats eye cabochon) with the stone in a four prong setting that was made for a faceted stone.  So I […]

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Mossy Agate Ring

August 26, 2010

In my venture into silversmithing, I cut a small mossy agate cabochon 12 mm round then made the ring to hold it.  The bezel setting is fine silver on a sterling silver base soldered to a shank made from 10 gauge half round half hard sterling silver wire.  The ring is size 6 (can be […]

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Cuttlebone Casting

August 11, 2010

Working on a class project; I used a cuttlebone (usually used in bird cages) to serve as a mold for a casting. I made a wax model of a labrum (symbol uniting the Greek letter chi and rho), then impressed it slightly into the soft part of the cuttlebone. Then the form was carved from […]

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