Advancing My Art

August 8, 2011

The shop continues, Debora is doing the bead work, she keeps very busy and her work is fantastic.  She labors over each bracelet, anklet, pair of earrings and necklace.  She has great ability to create and design this work.  She loves creating pieces that have a great combination of colors.  While she continues her work, […]

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New Designer at Rasmussen Gems and Jewelry LLC

July 24, 2011

Debora Lee Rasmussen, my wife, has been a driving force for my art and shop since I began at her initiation of my study of gemology.  She is disabled and one of her causes of depression has been the feeling that she is not contributing for our family.  She is very creative and last week […]

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Saga of Life

July 8, 2011

In the continuing saga of making jewelry for my wife (she does get first chance at anything done), she chose two stones to be turned into cabochons the then jewelry.  The smaller tourmilated quartz was to be a ring, and the Peruvian blue opal to make a necklace.  After the lapidary work, the opal was […]

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Jewelry Making Forum

July 7, 2011

Each month at the Jewelry Making Forum on one member hosts a drawing for a prize to be given to another member.  NH Bead Lady was the host in June and I was one of the two winners. Thank you Linda for the fantastic sets of beads and the aventurine stone.  I looked for […]

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Peridot Ring

June 27, 2011

Have been working for a couple weeks on a ring using a large 10 mm round brilliant cut eye clean Peridot stone.  I saw a ring with a stone set between two shanks, so I tried to produce a ring with a similar shape.  First I fashioned a bezel setting for the stone, with a […]

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June 16, 2011

My main computer bit the dust last weekend, so I sent it off to HP for repair.  That meant that I had to use the slower backup computer, so I have not been doing too much online.  I also evacuated my online shop and am reshooting all jewelry for better pictures and will be reopening […]

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Purple Passion

June 1, 2011

Purple Passion involves Fluorite and Amethyst cabochons which were cut this week. I started Monday morning cutting three amethyst, one fluorite and one ruby cabochons. I have finished cutting the cabochons, and have completed two as necklace pendants. First to be examined will be the Fluorite. This gemstone is quite soft (Moh’s hardness = 4) […]

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Ruby Necklace

May 30, 2011

My granddaughter will be celebrating her birthday this July. As with the other recent birthdays, I try to make her a unique artisan piece of jewelry. This year, I am also honoring her for being inducted into the National Honor Society at her high school. Less than 1% of the students in her school receive […]

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Lapis Lazuli Ring

May 24, 2011

I started this project with a slab of Lapis Lazuli sent to me from Kandahar, Afghanistan.  From this rough slab, I cut an 18 x 13 mm oval cabochon.  This is one of the “calibrated” sizes for gemstones.  Thus I purchased from casting company the other two components the head and shank to make a […]

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Necklaces, Necklaces, Necklaces

May 21, 2011

For the recent past, I have been almost exclusively making pendants and necklaces.  The most recent have involved beading, silversmithing, stone setting, lapidary, design and several other techniques.  This pendant was inspired by the rock crystal cabochon that is the focal spot of the pendant.  It is internally flawless.  Using sheet Sterling Silver, I sawed […]

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