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Monthly Archives: April 2009

How Insured Jewelry is Replaced Really Matters

Beware of the pitfalls when you insure your jewelry—not all jewelry insurance policies are equal.  Begin with a good appraisal by a qualified appraiser, shop carefully, and ask the right questions. For a full discussion of these issues, read our latest Blog, Jewelry Insurance 101C

The big deal about blue diamonds

The recent buzz about the 7-carat Cullinan Blue diamond to be offered at the upcoming Sotheby auction in Geneva and the record setting sale of the Wittelsbach Blue by Christies in December 2008 has generated a lot of interest in colored diamonds. These ultra-rare Type IIb diamonds are truly distinctive– besides their blue color, they […]

Jewelers Note Fall Fashion Colors

From the AGTA Prism At Mardon, we absolutely love colored gems, and were pleased to see the fall colors forecast from Pantone. One of our jobs as jewelers is to show our clients how to use colored gems with their own particular look. See our latest Blog,

How much does jewelry insurance cost?

Many people mistakenly believe that jewelry insurance is really expensive or that their homeowners insurance covers their jewelry.  Most jewelry can be insured for 1 to 1.5% of replacement value per annum in most areas of the USA.  Homeowners policies leave a lot to be desired in the way of jewelry coverage, so we suggest […]

100% Recycled Gold

Mardon Jewelers has been an active gold recycler for many years.  Like many jewelers we purchase “old” gold from our clients and send it to our refiner for recycling.  See our Blog, Pharaoh’s Gold… We’re proud to announce our new relationship with the nation’s leading “green” refiner, Hoover & Strong, producers of 100% recycled precious […]