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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Hand Engraving and Padparadscha Sapphires-How can you go wrong!

Our client wanted a large wearable ring for her 8 mm diamond, with peirced work and floral elements reminiscent of Victorian and Edwardian times. We found a great matched pair of padparadscha sapphires as accents. Hand engraving was the key to making this design sing- see the finished product on the Mardon Blog!

His and Hers Custom Wedding Rings- or is it Hers and His?

Actually, more often than not,  it is hers and his- we made her custom natural alexandrite and diamond engagement ring first. Then we made her matching wedding band. Then we made a custom wedding band for him, based on the her design. It’s really fun when both bride and groom are involved in the design […]

Magick Gems #1– The Moonstone

This gorgeous 6.85 ct. moonstone from Sri Lanka exhibits perfect adularescence.  Moonstones like this are sometimes called Adularia, after their discovery near the Adula Mountains of the Swiss Alps.  Adularescence is also referred to as schiller (shiller), and is caused by alternating layers of albite and orthoclase feldspar interfering with light.  Interestingly, the more closely […]

Is Japan Losing its Pearl Farms?

While reviewing material for a recent blog on the plight of the Japanese akoya pearl farmers, I was struck by one index card from a presentation we made at the 50th Anniversay AGS Conclave in New Orleans in 1984. I worked in the pearl business with John Latendresse in the early 1980’s, and even then, […]

Art Deco “Marriage”

This Art Deco bracelet was either modified by the original seller or by an owner.  The remnant tubing and center join indicates the middle section of the bracelet may have originated as a pair of clips or a buckle of some type.  Pairs of diamond clips were de rigueur during the 1930’s, especially with the […]

Custom Design Goes Across the Planet

We just completed this challenging design to the delight of our client.  Read the rest of the story, Custom Jewelry Takes a Slow Boat to China, on the Mardon Blog

Scammology Strikes Again

Our industry has a real problem with proper disclosure and representation of gem materials. Mother Nature does not create finished gems, so we have always had to shape and polish gem materials to make them beautiful and suitable for jewelry. Along with the process of cutting and polishing, we’ve learned how to enhance these raw […]