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Monthly Archives: February 2009

What makes a True Padparadscha?

When I was a young gemologist, I fell in love….with Padparadscha.  Over my career I’ve had the privledge of seeing and working with many wonderful specimens of this amazing sapphire, and over the years my love has only grown. The recent sale of a very fine natural non-heated Padparadscha inspired me to write an explanation […]

Why You Shouldn’t Wear a Flawless Diamond

At Mardon Jewelers, we often get the opportunity to appraise and re-appraise diamonds for our customers. Recently, we re-appraised a beautiful diamond ring and had some unsettling news for our client.  Wearing a flawless diamond can devalue it!  I saw this as a great opportunity to educate our customers about the realities of diamond grading, […]

Announcing the Mardon Jewelers Gallery of Gems

At Mardon Jewelers, we are always looking for ways to make our business more understandable and transparent for our customers – we find this adds a level to the customer experience that shoppers are not used to in the often confusing world of jewelry and gemstones, and really sets us apart in our region of […]

Consumer Confusion with Diamond Grading Certificates

Consumers in search of diamonds will frequently give equal weight to diamond grading certificates, and use them as the basis for price comparison shopping. Since grading reports have a similar look and apparently have the same information, this seems logical to them.  However, this “Buying the Certificate” can often lead the customer to a disastrous […]