Cast of Charaters Bruce Mead

Bruce Mead

Bruce Mead

I am trying to post the characters who come through my studio who I do business with or who are friends. Usually I do business with friends so they are the same people. Bruce is a friend with whom I do business. I get my Bisbee turquoise from Bruce. He also brings other turquoise on occasion such as Tyrone, Morenci and Royston. Few people are able to say they have the best of anything material item on earth. Bruce is able to say that, he is one of a very few people to have the best and rarest Bisbee turquoise and many of the other people who have it got it from Bruce.

Bruce can me emailed at;

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DJ POYE March 31, 2009 at 11:32 am

Tell Bruce DJ his old buddy from school said hello…I emailed him as well.
Smiles, dj

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