Necklace “Floral” in Sterling and Turquoise

Necklace " Floral"


I made this necklace and “Flowers For Brenna” at the same time. This necklace is more visually complex than “Flowers For Brenna” and took more time.

When I start one of these projects I have no idea how they will turn out. I don’t draw them or in any way work out details on paper. I started this one by having Dick Barber cut and form the spiculum tubes.I specify the basic dimensions and tell Dick to not worry about uniformity, I want them all different in an unplanned way.  I then took the tubes and started bending them. They bend the way they want to bend, sometimes it works the way I envision and sometimes I am completely surprised.

Out of the 4 main tubes for this necklace 3 bent as I expected and the 4th was very different. The 4th tube looked much better pointing down. I had not thought of this in any previous necklace but, I thought it would work very well and kept it pointing the way it wanted. These flower pieces are organic in the way I construct them, I just let the material tell me what it wants to do and I try not to fight it but let it grow. This applies to the bezels as well. I get a feeling of how many or what length I want them to be but when the assembly takes place I have to let go of my ideas and put how ever many pieces will fit and look good together.

I sent this necklace and “Flowers For Brenna” to Vicki Turbeville of in New York City. Vicki sold this piece very quickly.

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Diana December 27, 2008 at 11:30 am

Sam , Love this piece………really see you doing more of this style….
such visual impact!!!

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