Bracelet in Sterling

December 8, 2008

Designed by Frank Patania Sr., in the 1950’s this ellegant bracelet has been a popular piece for many years. This bracelet is typical of the Patania family’s simple and strong design philosophy. This piece is strong enough to carry a look or accent your fashion. This type of simplicity can be your entire silver collection which can be worn […]

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Necklace in Sterling and Coral

December 5, 2008

I received a commission earlier last month through my father to make one of his classic designs. The client wanted a duplicate of the necklace which was on our Tucson Museum of Art 1999 Stonewall Foundation Show catalog. Both my father and I looked through our archives of drawings and found the original drawings and […]

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Bracelets in Sterling and Morenci Turquoise

December 4, 2008

I selected these bracelets to be in the Patania Collection because they are timeless. They were designed by  my grandfather, Frank Patania Sr. in the 1940’s and are still as strong fashion statement today as they were then. Worn in pairs during the 1940’s and 1950’s they were all the jewelry necessary to complete the […]

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Cathedral Ring in Sterling

December 3, 2008

I had lots of fun setting up this photo. I can’t remember who the hand model was but I borrowed a martini glass and shot this in front of a photograph taken from a magazine. The Cathedral Ring pictured is a ring designed by my father in the 1960’s which I have included in my […]

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Rings in Gold

December 2, 2008

Some of my work is influenced by ancient metal work I see in books or museums. A few years ago my kids and I went to LACOMA to see the Egyptian exhibit, it was the second Tut exhibit. I saw the first one too in San Francisco which I  toured think the US in the […]

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Bracelet in Sterling and Bisbee Turquoise

November 29, 2008

This was the first fish bracelet I made. Inspired by my dad’s and grandfather’s fish designs I wanted to make one with Bisbee turquoise all over it. I made the fish outline with square wire and then put as much turquoise as I could bezel set into the center. This was difficult as the stones […]

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Ring in 18K Gold and Bisbee Turquoise

November 28, 2008

It is such a beautiful day out, it is the day after Thanksgiving ’08 and I am in my studio. Taj Mahal is playing blues on my IPod, it’s sunny and cool out. Most of the nation is in winter weather but in SoAz it is gorgeous. This is what we suffer through summer for. […]

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Ring in Gold set with Sapphire and Diamond

November 26, 2008

22 Karat gold is a wonderful material to work in. I have used it for bezels for years and received a commission to make a wedding ring in 22 K earlier this year. The client had strong ideas about what she wanted. In some ways, as an artistthis makes life easier. I am not good at drawing, […]

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November 25, 2008

I have written about how much I love turquoise and thought it might be nice to show some of the stones I have. Bruce Mead,  ,visits regularly and always has something wonderful to look at and buy. I have an addiction to good turquoise. I comb through the Tucson Gem Show every year for turquoise […]

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Belt Buckles in Silver and Turquoise

November 24, 2008

I occasionally do work for men, not often but occasionally. I made these three belt buckles last year and set them with premium turquoise. The one on top and bottom left have Bisbee turquoise and the bottom right with Carico Lake. My usual turquoise grading went out the window when I used gold grade stones […]

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