In The Laundry

by Suzanne on June 1, 2011

I have a sign I put on the front door which reads In The Laundry. Basically it alerts people they’ll find me out the back of the house. Well, my children keep teasing me that whenever they come home from school to find the sign up, I’m always inside and generally on the computer!

Yesterday, after no doubt ringing the doorbell at least 5 times, they snuck around the back and tried to surprise me. An easy thing to do while I was polishing, however the laundry has a window in the door and I caught them in my peripheral vision. They both looked shocked to see me in there and so engrossed in my project. They were impressed that I made such “beautiful” things.

My blog started as an observation of the impact my laundry has on my family. Well, I’m pleased to report I observed my children being impressed by their mother. More priceless than anything I could produce. It was a good day!

The Laundry in more detail.


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