Bangle jewellery function – Valaikaapu

by Kavitha Balakrishnan on December 11, 2013

This is another important function held in our state. Every girl who is pregnant will go through this function. This is called Valaikaapu and is conducted when she is 7 months or 9 months pregnant. Valai in Tamil means Bangle.

The name itself indicates that this is a function with Bangles.

In this function, elders bless the pregnant girl that her delivery should be safe. Lot of sweets, fruits and a silk saree are gifted to her. Most important are Bangles. She is adorned with dozens of glass bangles and depending upon the affluency of the parents, given gold bangles too.

The guests are all women and everyone are presented with glass bangles.

Recently I attended my cousin’s valaikaapu and here are the pictures. You can see the gold bangles and the glass bangles in the picture.


This is how it is given to the guests. They can also wear them on hand in the function. In earlier days the girl’s parents used to arrange for a bangle-seller to visit the house and give bangles to everyone.

Below is the close up shot of the bangle.


Kavitha Balakrishnan

Kavitha Balakrishnan

Kavitha Balakrishnan

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