Imitation jewellery

by Kavitha Balakrishnan on May 6, 2014

I was writing about Imitation jewellery in Orchid and thought of sharing some pictures of them.

Imitation is the name given to only jewellery that looks like gold jewellery.

These types of jewellery has taken the place by storm and everywhere in exhibitions you can see them displayed. Ofcourse there are laks of designs and in different price ranges and in qualities.

It all depends on the place that you display. Now it has also become a fashion to conduct exhibitions in shopping malls and marriage halls.

One particular group takes the atrium for a fee and in turn divides them and allocates stalls to people.
In big malls they ensure that there is no repetition of stalls. Meaning if one person has a stall of imitation jewellery then there cannot be another. One for clothes, one for terracota jewellery etc. So here the sales is good.

These type of exhibition models have become too much that everyone started conducting it, both in malls as well as in marriage halls.

The exhibition that I displayed was in a marriage hall where there was no restriction to display items.
So, many had the same items and hence the sale was not good.

The same jewellery that was displayed here was priced double in the mall exhibition. So where you display matters! The crowd that comes to the mall also is different.

If I had to buy something in gold like the images below, I have to spend around 800 to 1000 dollars.
While I can spend just around 10 dollars to get these.

I am not saying that people are not buying gold jewellery. But the imitation ones are so beautiful and you get such trendy ones too, that most of them are switching over to this.

Earlier it was a stigma to wear imitation now it has become a fashion. I have seen some wearing imitation, but when asked they say its gold. Such is the respect given to gold.



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