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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Don’t Forget the Other “Ruby”

One of the hottest gems on the market in recent years has been the natural spinel. New finds in Tanzania and Vietnam have stimulated excitement in the gem trade for this sleeper gem. Long thought to be a type of ruby, the spinel in not well known to the public. In truth, this hot coal […]

Large Russian Alexandrite on the Market?

A gem dealer and friend sent me this photograph of what he says is the largest Russian Alexandrite of quality currently on the market. His excuse for the quality of the photo is that it was taken with a cell phone camera in the lunch area outside the GJX show during this year’s Tucson gem […]

What Is My Jewelry Worth?

We’ve all heard that question, lately more and more in this difficult economy.  Not an easy question to answer- it all depends on what it is, who’s buying, who’s selling.  For a discussion of the issues related to appraising estate or used jewelry, visit the Mardon blog

Thai Ruby, a Different Red

The rebirth of the Burma ruby production in the early 90’s has all but vanquished the Thai ruby from the market place. What small production remained has been totally decimated by the current economic collapse- the miners have fled back to the rice fields just to survive. Yet, the Thai ruby has a following. A […]

Pigeon’s Blood Ruby, part 2

The best rubies from Burma have long been designated as Pigeon’s Blood red, a rather poetic descriptive term that has come to be an actual grading term, signifying the most sought after color in ruby. Below are photos of some other Pigeon’s Blood stones we have known! In the second of several blogs on the […]

Defining Pigeon’s Blood Ruby

We sold this fine and rare 4 ct. Burma ruby, documented by the GRS lab in Switzerland as Pigeon’s Blood Red- it’s value has increased about 50% in 4 years, even in today’s turbulent economy. Great stones like this are now very difficult to find- not only are they increasingly rare in nature, but mining […]