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Custom Rings Show Mardon’s Expertise and Versatility

Deco Ruby 3:4

Platinum Custom Ring with 2 ct. Ruby

These three recently completed custom rings show the versatility and craftsmanship of the experts at Mardon, in particular our gemologists, custom designers and hand engravers.

The spectacular platinum custom ring shown above is set with a 2 carat natural ruby that we brokered to our clients. Gemstone brokering means that our gemologists find a gem that meets your requirements from our network of gem traders and importers. Much like your stock broker or real estate broker, we’re able to find extra good values in the market place and we charge a straight commission for the service– in this case, saving our client about $3000 over what they might have paid for a similar stone at retail.

Our client had several jewelry items that she no longer used which were set with good quality diamonds, so we designed the new piece using her diamonds. She wanted something with a vintage look and spotted this Art Deco ring in our estate department– we used the vintage ring as a model for the new look.


Vintage Art Deco Ring

We adapted the basic look to the new ring design and created CAD renderings for her approval. After several tweaks to the CAD, we sent the design, the ruby and her diamonds to our platinum smith for casting, setting and finishing. Notice how the beautiful hand engraving sets off the design.

Deco Ruby Side

hand engraving with milgrain

We designed this next ring for a gentleman who is a car collector.  He wanted a large sparkly ruby, but gave us a budget of several thousand dollars, so we suggested a Chatham Created Ruby. He wanted a particular cross decorating the sides so we had him draw a sketch and worked from that. He wanted a dark shiny area around the cross so we used a special black enamel to highlight the area. We think the ring is striking, and he loved it.

Men's Custom Ring 3:4

Chatham Ruby in 14K gold

Designer Jenny created this free form design in silver for a baroque shaped Fire Agate belonging to the client. He wanted a simple wide band that was organic like the gemstone, and was very pleased with his new ring.

Silver Fire Agate custom ring

Fire Agate in Silver

The charm of custom jewelry is that it is so personal and unique. At Mardon, we encourage our clients to participate in the fun– designing something new and fresh can be very fulfilling. Stop by the shop or send us an email to– we’d love to hear about your dreams and ideas, and will be happy to give you a free estimate of cost. We’re open Tuesday thru Saturday, 10 am to 5:30 pm.


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