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Monthly Archives: August 2009

More about the “I don’t like my birthstone” Birthstone

One crucial skill in dealing with colored gemstones is to know the range of color each gem specie can display. I firmly believe many folks “don’t like peridot” because they’ve only seen commercial grade material or the more “chartreuse” rather brassy colors. Many jewelers sell the peridot short by only stocking lower grade material. I’ve […]

This wonderful brooch/watch hanger with it’s portrait of a lady within a flower is quintessential Art Nouveau, expressing the romantic link with nature in a dreamy yet realistic style. The enamel has survived one century in perfect condition, probably due to it’s heavy construction. The enameling technique is superb, of subtle pink and flesh tones […]

The “I don’t like my birthstone” Birthstone

The jeweler who hears a statement like this should take up the challenge— be prepared to show a beautiful peridot like this one. People who haven’t seen a good peridot will appreciate the experience. It’s a gem you can stock in top quality and good size for not a lot of money. Great stones are […]