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Secret Decoder Wedding Ring- In Rose and White Gold!

Dcodr groom side _edited-1

We just completed the most unusual wedding ring we’ve ever done- a Secret Decoder Ring, crafted of 14K white and rose gold and set with diamonds. Greg, one of Jenny’s best friends and an avid entertainment industry buff, had taken his fiancé Rebecca to a performance of “The Thrilling Adventure Hour”.  Greg and Rebecca had such a great time, the idea for an unique wedding ring came naturally from this plastic souvenir of the show.

dcdr orig b

We used the plastic ring as our guide for the 4 basic parts– spinner top, diamond bezel, ring body, and bearing base.

Decodr tops

Greg, who has had lots of graphic design experience, had us engrave the bride’s initials on one side, his initials opposite.

Bride N Groom

The biggest challenge in making this ring was to make sure the top would spin accurately without wobble. Ordinary jewelry making methods cannot achieve the precision required, but our Mardon team uses state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology.

Decodr spin

The secret– we were able to find a small stainless steel ball bearing assembly that was the perfect size. Our precision CNC machine milled the rose gold spinner top with a perfectly centered spindle we could insert into the bearing. The bearing base is accurately aligned with diamond bezel and spinner top so that the decoder turns on a true center– Voila, no wobble!

dcdr bearing_edited-1

It took us three tries to get the parts designed so they would  function perfectly, but we’re always working hard to please our clients. A project like this is enjoyable because it makes us stretch to do something new.

And now Greg and Rebecca can send each other secret love notes forever. I hear the ring was a big hit at their wedding.


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