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An Opulent Amethyst Cameo

60 ct Amethyst Cameo in 14K gold

We just acquired this striking Amethyst cameo from an estate. Measuring almost an inch and one half long, the piece is not for the shrinking violet. Imagine the drama of making an entrance wearing this grand purple adornment!

Stone cameos have a long history dating back as early as 3rd century BC. The defining characteristic of a cameo is a raised relief image, in contrast to intaglio, which has a negative image carved down into the material.

Many cameos are made from flat pieces of banded agate, where the carver removes all of the first color except for the image, leaving a contrasting background. Shell cameos made from large saltwater mollusc shells are much more common than stone cameos- being softer material, shell is much easier to carve than stone.

The traditional method of hand carving an image in stone with tiny grinding and polishing tools has given way to ultrasonic mills that create a precise copy from a master carver’s original engraving. Our sumptuous 60 carat Amethyst was created with this new technology and is also faceted on the backside of the gem to enhance brightness and color.

Our Estate Department is a place full of excitement and stories, stocked with modern pieces like our regal cameo ring and vintage survivors of bygone eras. Prices are always fair market, which is substantially below retail prices for new items. You’ll pay approximately wholesale for the gems and precious metals, nothing more.

We are always interested buying good pieces of jewelry and gem materials, whether a single item or an entire estate. We offer consignment and appraisal services to help you to find the right home for your jewelry. Give us a call or come on buy– we never charge to check and clean your jewelry and we’ll let you know if we are interested in purchasing.

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james l. sweaney cga fga. gg

james l. sweaney cga fga. gg

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