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Antique and Vintage Jewelry – Still Stylish!


Gold and Silver Cameo with Natural Rubies

We’ve recently added several fashionable vintage jewelry pieces to our Estate Department. This cameo was a real sleeper– it was literally so crusted over with years of accumulated crud (gemological term!) that we barely recognized it. Once we cleaned it, the real beauty shone forth. We had been attracted to the superb pierced work of the silver frame, but didn’t count on the karat gold bezel and gold flowers set with rubies. The grand cameo is exquisitely carved by a master. We’re not sure about its dating– guess would be late 1800’s– early 1900’s. Cameos are generally slow sellers, but we think this one is so dramatic, it won’t last long.

Victorian Onyx & Gold Pin- Great Goth!

Along with the cameo, we aquired this wonderful Victorian pin/pendant, 14K gold set with black onyx (dyed chalcedony). A truly striking gothic look!


Mid-century Modern Bracelet-Watch of 14K gold

From another client, we purchased this nifty Mid-Century Modern 14K gold bracelet/watch. The bracelet closes securely with a fold-over Calla Lily clasp decorated with diamonds.

The delightful gold tassel flips back to expose the watch, a high quality Swiss jeweled movement that keeps good time!


The nice thing is that the length of the bracelet is easily adjustable. It can be worn comfortably against the skin, or over a  long cuff as might be worn in the 40’s, ala Lauren Bacall.

We’re always looking for interesting vintage jewelry and are ready to purchase your inherited or unwanted jewelry. It can be in good repair or not. If you don’t know what you have, sit down with our gemologist appraisers for a consultation to sort out the valuable pieces from the others. If your pieces are something we are interested in purchasing, we’ll make a fair cash offer on the spot.

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james l. sweaney cga fga. gg

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