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Evolution of the Solitaire Engagement Ring

When you mention engagement ring, most of us think of a simple band with a single┬ádiamond, shining and sparkling with love and promise. This is known in the jewelry trade as a solitaire engagement ring. The development of today’s solitaire rings really began in the late 1800’s when several new technologies brought jewelers the means […]

A Sweet Piece of L’ Art Nouveau

Every now and then, we see vintage jewelry that really excites us. Recently, while working with a client on her new custom ring, we were discussing what to do with some pieces of jewelry that she doesn’t use anymore. We buy cast off and damaged jewelry to recycle, as well as consigning resalable pieces. As […]

This wonderful brooch/watch hanger with it’s portrait of a lady within a flower is quintessential Art Nouveau, expressing the romantic link with nature in a dreamy yet realistic style. The enamel has survived one century in perfect condition, probably due to it’s heavy construction. The enameling technique is superb, of subtle pink and flesh tones […]

What is Slow Jewelry?

This bracelet is an example of what I call slow jewelry. Made from two sterling silver butter-knives, the design flowed from the the actual shape of the knife blades and the unusual malachite stone – it’s puffy shape and cross-grain cut reminded me of the body of a sphinx moth freshly emerged from the chrysallis. […]