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Recutting Colored Gems- Closing the Window

Natural colored gemstones come from rare mineral crystals that are found within the earth’s crust. Mother Nature “cooks” various ingredients according to her own unique recipes into crystals of different sizes, shapes, colors and physical properties. For centuries, man has sought out and fashioned these treasures into dazzling objects of beauty and value. Because of […]

Padparadscha Redux

We beat the drum again for one of our favorites, the Padparadscha Sapphire. New pricing info and enlarged photos showcase our article on the gorgeous orangy-pink gem– or is it pinkish orange? We discuss the definition of Padparadscha color, countries of origin, Pad look-a-likes and imitations at the Mardon blog.

Best Blue Sapphires by Country of Origin

This third part in the series explores the relationship between country of origin and the color of blue sapphires. We focus on the “classic” sources for the best blue sapphires, including Kashmir, Burma, Ceylon, and the new kid on the block, Madagascar, discussing quality of color, heat treatment, and values plus information about the geology […]

What is the Best Color for Blue Sapphire?

Don’t miss this 4 part series on the blue sapphire.  We’ll discuss gem grading and market preferences for blue sapphire, the physical characteristics of natural sapphires that affect their color, some of the characteristics of stones from classic sources of sapphire including Ceylon, Burma, Kashmir, Madagascar, Thailand, Australia, and Montana, and the various methods of […]