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Colorful Engagement Rings are Center Stage

Celebrity brides are becoming known by their engagement ring choices, and the colored gemstone ring is very much in the limelight. Princess Kate, in the wedding of the decade, wore “The Ring“, her famous heirloom sapphire and diamond ring, Penelope Cruz is setting style with her sapphire and diamond ring, and Jessica Simpson is stunning […]

Padparadscha Redux

We beat the drum again for one of our favorites, the Padparadscha Sapphire. New pricing info and enlarged photos showcase our article on the gorgeous orangy-pink gem– or is it pinkish orange? We discuss the definition of Padparadscha color, countries of origin, Pad look-a-likes and imitations at the Mardon blog.

Best Blue Sapphires by Country of Origin

This third part in the series explores the relationship between country of origin and the color of blue sapphires. We focus on the “classic” sources for the best blue sapphires, including Kashmir, Burma, Ceylon, and the new kid on the block, Madagascar, discussing quality of color, heat treatment, and values plus information about the geology […]