Artist In Residence: 2013

Hello Metalwerx Community! My name is Melissa Fabbri and I am spending my studio time at Metalwerx this summer. I just graduated this Spring from  MassArt with a Jewelry and Metalsmithing BFA. Throughout my time at Metalwerx I will be able to make jewelry to start my new life as a working artist. My work incudes repetition of shapes, movement, and color. Just about everything I make is inspired by simplified geometry of organic objects found in nature.

I will be uploading some images of my process as well as finished work each week throughout my stay, so keep checking back!




July 10th 2013:

In my first few weeks here at Metalwerx I have been experimenting with new techniques using alternative materials. My work is slowly moving further away from traditional metalsmithing and my perfectionism is taking the back seat to these new experiments. I have been focusing most of my energy on these cell like patterns. I construct the cells out of copper wire and then cover it in resin and paint. So far they are turning into rings, earrings, and bracelets.


July 17th 2013:

Studz 4 dayz! These smaller pieces are acting as a filler in my creative block. The past year left me fried and I’m slowly getting back into the groove of making jewelry again!

rings as well!

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