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Making ~ Giving ~ Wearing

The Metal Clay World Conference was presented by Art Clay World USA in Bloomingdale, Illinois from July 16-18, 2009, and featured Alan Revere as the keynote speaker.  Mr. Revere used the occasion of his keynote address to propose a new idea to a select segment of the jewelry making community.

Alan gave every one in attendance a significant and valuable gift by providing the conference with a personal message and a visionary idea. His introduction of Adorn America an inspirational movement of “Making, Giving, Wearing” was the perfect sentiment to share with a group of creative people who make things that are intended to be worn.

The Adorn America principle of generosity has a two fold purpose, increasing happiness of both giver and receiver, and increasing the exposure of jewelry in our daily lives. To exemplify this principle Alan chose a person at random from the audience to present with a personal gift from himself, a handmade silver bracelet complete with the MCWC logo.

This was a perfect illustration of the movement in action, completing his introduction.  As Alan presented the gift to the ecstatic recipient, Patricia Weikersheimer, he demonstrated  and explained the steps involved in Making, Giving, Wearing.




Information about the Adorn America movement is available at

The seed which germinated into the Adorn America movement sprouted in a conversation between Alan and myself in his garden in San Francisco.  It took root and developed as the dialog included Christine Dhein, the assistant director of the Revere Academy. Under Alan and Christine’s nourishment the seedling flowered and has now put forth fruit to be shared
and enjoyed by everyone.

Alan started the wheel in motion with his presentation in Bloomingdale, now it is up to all the rest of us to keep the momentum of the movement going.

Michael David Sturlin

For 40 years I have been creating jewelry and adornments with precious materials. I currently devote my time and energy to teaching applied techniques in the arts of goldsmithing, jewelry making, and professional development for studio artists.

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