my mantra of positive affirmation is

“focused creative energy brings fulfillment and success”

Sometimes we need just a tiny nudge to bring our attention fully back to where it needs to be. That moment of realization that we aren’t concentrating, that our thoughts are drifting, that’s the nudge. Recognizing the nudge is all it takes to steer our attention back on course and continue our journey.

It’s all about mindfulness, maintaining a one-pointed purposeful presence of mind. Focusing completely on the task at hand, in a comfortable and dedicated and confident engagement. Mindfulness is awareness. Awareness of the need to disengage from distraction and refocus on purposeful activity. This is what it takes to embrace the moment and sustain a productive state of activity.

For those of us who work at the bench or some other highly skilled application of time and energy, sustaining the focus of what we are engaged in and being aware of our mindfulness in action is a truly joyful state. We see and hear this all the time in the actions of people who are fully invested within the moment of their activity. Even animals trained to do a specific task are applying mindfulness in action, but perhaps for them it’s the default state of mind. Unlike us, they aren’t as easily subject to distraction. Their purpose is focused on the moment, from each moment to the next, until the purpose is achieved.

Our every moment is a journey, within our journey. Every moment can either bring us closer to our destination or move us further off our course. Mindfulness is the compass and the beacon illuminating the path to our goal.


For 40 years I have been creating jewelry and adornments with precious materials. I currently devote my time and energy to teaching applied techniques in the arts of goldsmithing, jewelry making, and professional development for studio artists.

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