Women and Fire

November 23, 2009

I’ve had many comments, most from women, bothered about my observations about my female students and their fear of fire.  My observations come from almost 30 years of teaching students, and believe me, if anyone is working to empower women to make whatever they want with tools (including torches ), then that would be me. […]

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Torch, etc.

November 19, 2009

There might be an assuption that as a male, I would be full of all kinds of pre-conceived notions about how men are brave and not afraid of fire, and women are timid and scared of flame.  Not true.  I have been teaching metalsmithing for nearly 30 years, and I estimate that at one time […]

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metalclay fistfight…

November 18, 2009

Oh I am about to get in the middle of a fight!  While I have not worked with metalclay, I know a fair amount about it.  However, I am learning a lot more about it recently. Kate McKinnon, who I will interview tomorrow on my BlogTalkRadio Show,  is about to get a lot of metal […]

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Torch issues…

November 17, 2009

In response to a post on Orchid about what torches could be recommended, I once again slammed the Little Torch, calling it a “toy”. A professional jeweler in Denver called me to task, telling me that he uses that torch to do much of his work, and that is is a highly important piece of […]

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BenchView Jay Whaley

November 15, 2009

Setting up for a client this morning.  He’ll be in a half hour from now, and after working with him on design, center stone purchase and smaller diamonds to go in the ring he’s making, we’ll get going. He’ll be making a 18K PD white gold engagement ring, with my supervision.  This ring will be […]

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