Craft Boston Strong 2013

by Metalwerx on April 29, 2013

This blog is going to be about a visual peek into a wonderful event, but first, I would like to share a quote from Patton Oswalt that went viral after the bombings at the Boston Marathon, “When you spot violence, or bigotry, or intolerance or fear…just look it in the eye and think, the good outnumber you, and we always will.”

With this in mind, after the hard work and courageous efforts of law enforcement agencies, Boston was able to return to a more normal routine on Saturday April 20.  I’d like to thank our community for their support and warm wishes, through a horrible tragedy and intense week leading up to this year’s Craft Boston event.  Our hearts go out to the victims and their families affected by the Boston Marathon bombings.

We’re still coming to terms with what happened — although throughout the city, the healing process has begun, people’s spirits are lifting, and we are starting to find some closure. Craft Boston 2013 turned out to be a great event and we had a fantastic time.

Artists bring beauty into our lives and breathe life into objects.  They put themselves out there and work incredibly hard, taking on financial risk to bring art to the public.  I was so pleased that people came out in droves on Saturday to show their support for the arts community. Our city witnessed an amazing thing–a community coming together to stay strong.

It is a privilege to be part of Craft Boston, meet so many wonderful people, students, patrons, and of course, artists.  We got to say hello to some of our instructors, meet potential new ones, and talk to hundreds of people about what we love—METAL!

In closing, I’d like to mention that Kat, our office manager, has a good friend whose parents suffered critical injuries in the explosions.  Their family has a long road to recovery ahead.  At the show, we put out a jar to accept donations for the family.  We were able to raise and donate $100 to the Richard Whalley | Ann + Eric Whalley Recovery Fund.   If you would like to help or read more about their story, please visit

by Lindsay Minihan

A Snapshot of Craft Boston 2013

Our booth with new banners!

Metalwerx's Booth Craft Boston

Some details of the incredible jewelry submitted by our students, studiomates, and faculty. And me, at our “demo table” showcasing instructor samples

Metalwerx's Booth Craft Boston

Metalwerx's Booth Craft Boston

And here are a few of our friends!

Instructor Monique Rancourt with student Krisztina Vagenas…and me, modeling a stunning forged and fabricated necklace

Monique Rancourts Booth at Craft Boston

Instructor Jill Hurant visiting from New Jersey, showcasing her gorgeous golden granulated jewelry

Jill Hurant's Booth

Here is a snapshot of a piece from Paulette Werger’s award winning series of encaustic drawings that each showcase removable pins.  Two art forms in one!

Paulette Werger encaustic

Past instructor and studiomate Ian Henderson showing his line, Zoa Chimerum, at Craft Boston for the first time. His eye catching jewelry is made with re-purposed materials from the electronics industry!

Ian Henderson's Booth

Past instructor Linda Kindler Priest’s Booth.  Congrats on her receiving Best of Show for her extraordinary chasing and repoussé work.

Linda Kinder Priest's Booth

Donations collected for the Richard Whalley | Ann + Eric Whalley Recovery Fund

Ann and Eric Whalley


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