Couldn’t Resist

by Suzanne on November 17, 2011

OK, my children may never speak to me again but I just couldn’t resist putting this behind the scenes video together. With my other gorgeous model being mid exams and unavailable, I decided to offer the gig to my daughter. She’s only 13 but I had to concede that a) I was desperate and b) She has curves in all the right places to model jewellery (scary). So into the back garden we went. Realising that an extra pair of hands would be necessary, I offered the job of assistant to my 11 year old son.

All was going well until he started telling her jokes to crack her up, as a sibling would! Verging on anger I decided to go with the flow and let them at it. I ended up with some beautiful, natural pictures of the pair of them. A bonus is that we all had a hoot of an afternoon!   Modelling Fun

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