by Suzanne on January 17, 2012

Generally I ask my family “what do you think?” when I finish a project and their answers are welcome but sometimes I feel it’s a bit like asking them “does this outfit look OK on me?”  I know before they reply they’ll be nothing if not diplomatic!  I take their advice on board but more often than not I ignore it.  I constantly get berated “why did you bother asking in the first place?”  A spontaneous response to a piece seen while I’m making it is much more telling.  Just like walking into a room and getting a “wow, you look nice” reaction.

The point to this waffle is to say that it’s really confronting for me to show my work to strangers and possibly worse, friends.  At the QUARC market, I feel exposed!  Thankfully, as it turned out, Friday’s market was fantastic.  How great is it to have strangers admiring my work and thinking I’ve produced something special!  Not everyone of course, but enough people were “blown away” by my display that I came home on a huge high.  This market, the Colour Code pendants were the items that generated the most interest.

Better still, I received an email from a customer who purchased at the previous market, and I quote: Just a brief note to say that I love the ring I purchased from you…and have also had a number of lovely comments about it.”  The fact that she took the time to give me this feedback, speaks volumes.  

This week to top it all off, the icing on the cake is that I have been featured again.  This time I had to answer a series of questions, another confronting activity for me.  Anyway, I did my best and the feature can be read by clicking on this link:  FORAGE.

Yes, I feel very exposed now but flattered at the same time to be approached.

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