In The Laundry

June 1, 2011

I have a sign I put on the front door which reads In The Laundry. Basically it alerts people they’ll find me out the back of the house. Well, my children keep teasing me that whenever they come home from school to find the sign up, I’m always inside and generally on the computer! Yesterday, […]

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Under Pressure

May 27, 2011

So my fun has turned into a project thanks to Deborah Brearley.  She is organising a Moonah Exhibition on September 18 at the 135 Gallery.  That’s this year!  I was hoping to contribute a silver bowl or ladle sunk in a Moonah stump, however my workhorse  (see Stumped post) could take up to six months to be finished. It […]

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First Past the Post

May 24, 2011

I wanted to make a special piece for myself featuring mum’s letters, detailed in the Disobedient Daughter post.  She’d be pleased to know she won the race to be the inspiration for the first completed jewellery out of my Laundry.  Anybody who knew her will remember how much she liked to win!  So here’s what I made: The […]

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Disobedient Daughter

May 22, 2011

In the good old days of pen and ink, my mother wrote me letters whenever I was away.  Over the years she would say “I hope you’re burning those letters” and I would always reply yes. Well, you may have guessed that was not the case!  In fact, I kept all her letters from 1980 until […]

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Seed of an Idea

May 17, 2011

Recently I was given some good advice by a clever lady: Deborah Brearley – “Use your blog like an art journal” which would be great advice except my journal(s) have a couple of pages here and there with the majority left blank. So this is my attempt to electronically rectify my bad habit of not seeing projects […]

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The Beauty of Moonahs

May 11, 2011

 On Tuesday my Moonah stumps were inspected by two representatives from the local “Men’s Shed” and I don’t know why but I was apprehensive they wouldn’t be suitable.  It was suggested that, bark removed, the wood is stunning and perhaps I could turn the stump on its side and utilise natural Moonah contours. Well, once that […]

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May 3, 2011

I began writing this blog to record the impact my laundry project was having on my family.  However, since then things have taken a wider turn and I am observing a knock on effect in the local community.  It’s just fantastic and reinforces our decision to live in a small town. So here’s the issue:  When I was […]

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February 21, 2011

The bench arrived in August and all of a sudden I had a workshop.  I even got the last of the Japanese library index drawers I had been eyeing off for ages. Put it on wheels and voila, a fantastic toolbox at my fingertips!  I unpacked all my tools and university paraphernalia that had been […]

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Folding the Laundry

July 23, 2010

So we now have a new washing machine! It’s smaller, quicker, uses less water & power. Most importantly however, it fits under my bench. All previous plans are now out the window. The sink will stay in the corner and the bench top will now extend the length of the laundry! In my last post “Victorian […]

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Victorian Ash

July 5, 2010

I had an insightful day at the boat building shed.  I was filming a family history, four generations with a wooden boat called the ‘Deborah D’ centerpiece to their story.  Howard, seen below, actually restores wooden boats as a hobby & charters them out for weddings & trips.  I’ll upload some video of the steaming/clamping process I filmed when I finish […]

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Decision Time

May 24, 2010

With the return of the builder came all the questions…What type of window, hot or cold for the outside shower, tile or fill in cement on floor, what colour walls?  Ahhh!  I had been waiting so long to get to this point it kind of caught me by surprise when it finally happened.  I have also […]

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Look on the Bright Side

May 21, 2010

September. So close, I was just waiting for my builder to finish his current job.  Rather than sit back I joined a local (40 minutes away) Gem Club.  It is made up of retired people mostly, who share their skills among members.  It amuses me that I’m considered one of the ‘young ones’ in my late […]

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New Arrival

April 30, 2010

It may seem odd, but it was getting our puppy Theo  that was the catalyst for working on the studio.  New puppy = new fence = meeting a good builder.  This is significant as nobody in our house is capable of changing a light bulb let alone doing DIY! While talking fencing I dropped the bombshell “…would you mind taking […]

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That Little Voice Inside That Says…

April 28, 2010

When we were looking at buying our house I just thought what a perfect space for a bench.  That was eight years ago and still no bench.  I am of course talking about my laundry.  Well, its actually an outside bathroom and laundry. Surely living by the sea with small children the bathroom would be vital […]

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