You helped make this year amazing!

by Metalwerx on November 29, 2021

As we approach the end of 2021, I want to take a moment today to share the joy and gratitude I feel looking back on what Metalwerx has accomplished this year.

Through the unknowns and challenges we have all encountered during the pandemic, the creativity, passion, and resilience of Metalwerx teachers, staff, and students have guided us. Thanks to all of you, Metalwerx has grown in vibrant, exciting new ways. I am so proud of our team and grateful to you for helping us as we continue to celebrate learning, teaching, and sharing metal arts.

This year we officially committed to offering virtual classes and events in addition to our regular in-person programming. The resounding support and enthusiasm for this decision from our community has blown us away!

By bringing the wonderful world of Metalwerx learning online, there are ripples of additional benefits to our impact and our mission.

Thanks to YOU, this is what we accomplished this year:

Impact 2021

We all started this year in the continuing unknown of a global pandemic. Yet thanks to YOU, Metalwerx is ending the year at an exciting moment of growth.

We now know that with your support, we can reach and inspire more teachers, artists, and students. With your support, Metalwerx can increase access to the metal arts, serving everyone from our local community to isolated areas of our country and even stretching around the world. Your support will increase our ability to offer more inclusive programming, help diversify and grow our teaching staff, share new voices and perspectives from BIPOC artists, and provide more scholarships.

Help us continue this exciting moment of growth in 2022! A donation to our annual fund will go directly to supporting our virtual and in-person classes and programs, furthering our mission to promote the education and advancement of metal arts personal and professional growth.

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Please consider making a donation of any size today and support this wonderful community of fellow makers, artists, teachers, students, professionals, and people! We can’t wait to see what you can help us do next!


Today we welcome the first day of autumn as we kick off fall semester classes in-person here at Metalwerx. To mark this exciting new season, we are thrilled to announce our official commitment to continue to offer in-person and virtual classes, workshops, and events this year and in the future!

Our mission at Metalwerx has always been to promote the art, craft, and pursuit of knowledge of jewelry and metals through exceptional classes within a supportive community of artists and learners. While the global pandemic put a pause on in-person and onsite work at our studio in Waltham, it gave us the opportunity to introduce virtual classes and explore how digital channels could let us continue our work and mission. Since we launched Metalwerx’s first virtual classes in May 2020, we have been blown away by the interest and support of our students, instructors, and community. We have welcomed students and instructors from all 50 states and 20 countries into new virtual programming. By bringing our community online, we have been able to connect with new artists and instructors in ways that might not have been possible in-person.

This summer we also returned to in-person experiences, with the goal to continue to offer our high caliber of classes and workshops featuring wonderful instructors and artists. With our staff, students, studiomates, and instructors we have worked together to keep the studio safe and healthy for everyone. We are grateful for the kindness, flexibility, and eagerness with which our local community has welcomed our careful return to the building. Together, we ensure a safe, healthy, and welcoming in-person environment for all!

With these successes and supportive community in mind, it is clear to us that moving forward, Metalwerx should absolutely continue to offer both in-person and virtual classes. And by committing to both, we ensure that Metalwerx is accessible, welcoming, and open for all students and instructors now and in the future.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support of Metalwerx. We are looking forward to a great fall and an exciting new chapter in our jewelry and metals work!

Tanya Crane Enamel Workshop August 2021 2 CROP

103020 Bonnie polymer 3 CROP

Enameling 2

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