To Our Metalwerx Community: Black Lives Matter

by Metalwerx on June 11, 2020

To our Metalwerx family and beyond,
Anger, outrage, disgust, grief – these are but a small portion of the myriad of nouns that can be used to describe our sentiments regarding the racial injustice that took place over a week ago during the killing of George Floyd, in an act of unspeakable brutality and misuse of authority. While our battle with Covid-19 continues, a spotlight has been shown on yet another facet of the national crisis – the jaded and malcontent face of systemic racism, prejudice, and inequality that has not only plagued this country since its inception, but in recent years caused the unnecessary deaths of numerous innocent Black Americans including Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, Sean Monterrosa, David McAtee, and many others not covered by the media. With sorrow in our hearts, we took this past week not to simply hear the Black Lives Matter voice, but to LISTEN to it.
To all the Black lives that have had to contend with racial inequality and cruelty in this country and beyond, we want you to know that we see you, we stand with you, and we know that words are not enough.
BLACK LIVES MATTER and we must act now.
As an organization, we need to do our part to not only amplify and support the BLM movement, voice, and message – that of BASIC human rights – but to actively uplift Black lives and other marginalized ethnicities through diverse hiring practices, broadened outreach efforts, focused scholarship opportunities, and wholehearted support of individuals and institutions currently rallying on behalf of all Black lives for a more kind, just, and racism-free future.
For decades, anti-black racism and racial injustice has run rampant and unchecked, silencing Black voices and oppressing countless lives. Unless we all speak up now, unless we all ACT now, the silenced voices of generations of subjugated people of color will not be heard! Metalwerx prides itself on elevating and supporting our community and we stand by our all-inclusive support and in solidarity with Black lives. Together, we can help make this world a better place for humanity, free of racial cruelty.
With wholehearted support,
Lindsay, Nick, Liz, Therese and Violet
The Metalwerx Team



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COVID-19 Update

by Metalwerx on May 8, 2020


Rainbow MWX.jpeg

We have taken these past few weeks to carefully think about our next steps. As businesses begin to reopen in Massachusetts, we are placing careful footing into reopening Metalwerx.

After long and thoughtful consideration, we have reluctantly made the decision to cancel our summer programming until August. This decision includes the cancellation of all of our Summer with the Masters workshops. One day workshops in August are still being considered and will be addressed in the coming weeks.

Withdrawal Options:  We have outlined options below for your tuition from cancelled classes to consider going forward.

Course Credit: Metalwerx operates primarily on the revenue collected for upcoming / future courses and events. If you would be willing to accept a full tuition course credit for your class, it would enable us to continue administrative operations and pay our staff while in the throes of this pandemic. You can keep / use this credit through the end of 2021.

Refund: It is difficult circumstances like this virus outbreak that can often put a huge financial strain on small arts organizations such as Metalwerx. We understand you may be in a similar situation and can issue a full refund to you upon request.

Donation: We have been fortunate to be asked by members of our community how they can help and support us as we wade through these difficult circumstances. If you are someone who wishes to donate your tuition back to Metalwerx, it would mean the world to us. Your generous contribution would not only allow us to continue paying the people that make Metalwerx work, but would provide us with a little financial security as our organization enters the next chapter of this health predicament. Thank you deeply for your consideration.

It was a difficult decision to make. We treasure our creative and intensive summer programming with students and teachers that join us from across the country. However, the health and safety of our community is our utmost concern.

At this point in time, we do not yet feel confident that we can create a safe environment for gatherings in our studio without posing risk to our students, teachers and staff.

In these next couple months, the Metalwerx staff and board will focus on ways to implement protocol in our studio and throughout the building, following state and federal guidelines, that ensures the safety of our community and allows them to continue to do what they love. We will reopen our doors with confidence and virtual open arms.

Thank you for your kindness, patience, and support during this difficult time. We want nothing more than to return to the studio and to see our wonderful community of makers at work. This will happen, but it may take some time.

Take care and best wishes,

Lindsay, Nick, Liz and Violet

The Metalwerx Team




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Clever Hand Gallery invites four Metalwerx Studiomates to exhibit in their new Guest Artist program 

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