Student Spotlight: Meet Mike Moretti

December 8, 2015

Metalwerx students often share with us how this school has impacted their lives. It’s a story that we never tire of hearing, and one that we are so grateful for. Perhaps the greatest aspect of the experience that keeps students engaged is the sense of community that they feel here, which couldn’t exist were it […]

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Kat Cole: Finding Inspiration Everywhere

November 4, 2015

by Joan Dusoe   No matter where she goes, jewelry artist and sculptor Kat Cole finds something that influences her work, and then she finds a way of sharing that inspiration with others. Cole is visually inspired by the forms and colors in the landscapes she sees, and she is propelled deeper into her work […]

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Metalwerx Welcomes The Ultra Mod, Bree Richey

September 2, 2015

We would like to warmly welcome Bree Richey to the Metalwerx family! As it turns out, “jewelry” and “family” are concepts that are already fairly synonymous to Bree, because as she was growing up, her parents were running a successful jewelry business. As it turns out, Bree inherited not only her parents’ love of metalworking, […]

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‘Bocce’ Didn’t Know This About Wendy Jo New!

August 5, 2015

If you’ve been to Metalwerx, you’ve seen Wendy Jo New. The petite mother of two is a long-time Studiomate, faculty member, and tireless supporter of all things Metalwerx. She has helped solidify the school’s relationship with Waltham Mills Artists Association, the group that organizes the city’s Open Studios event every November, and never fails to […]

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Student Spotlight: Sallie Strand

June 30, 2015

Sallie Strand is a painter and sometime metalsmith who’s been taking classes at Metalwerx for quite a number of years, though that’s not exactly where she started out.   Kinetic necklace by Sallie Strand Sallie’s first degree was a diploma from the Culinary Institute of America, and she began her career as a pastry chef.  […]

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Pneumatic Hand Engraving with Tira Mitchell

June 21, 2015

Tira Mitchell started big but keeps getting smaller–her hand-engraved projects, that is. What began as a gamble to start a career led to being recognized as one of the country’s most highly-regarded engravers of fine jewelry, heirloom knives, custom guitars, and fast motorcycles. Yacht cannons, musical instruments, elegant firearms, bells, cars and ostrich eggs—she’s worked […]

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PMC Bead-O-Rama! with Barbara Becker Simon

June 1, 2015

Nineteen ninety-six was a pivotal year for Barbara Becker Simon. The accomplished metalsmith had already spent decades working on commissions with the usual mainstays of gold and diamonds when, totally by accident, she learned to make glass beads. “I fell in love,” she said. “Bam, boom! Be afraid. Be very afraid,” she cautions those who […]

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Student Spotlight: Marje Royer

May 26, 2015

Marje Royer says her motivation is curiosity.  She first became interested in the process of jewelry-making when she had a pair of cufflinks custom-made for her husband, who was fond of wearing shirts with French cuffs.  She was not happy with the results, so she essentially decided to learn to do it herself.   Bracelet […]

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From the city to the studio: solving fabrication challenges with Alison Antelman

May 5, 2015

Alison Antelman studied television production but, bitten by the metal bug, began to to explore the world of jewelry making. Today she is a multi-award winning artist who has come full circle. Alison’s work is easily recognizable. Her jewelry sparkles with natural stones set in recycled gold against a backdrop of lustrous, oxidized silver. It […]

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Gold Damascene with Brian Meek

April 6, 2015

A rare opportunity to learn Korean-style damascening with Brian Meek occurs next month at Metalwerx, immediately following the close of the SNAG convention in Boston. Brian, known as the “Tool Guy” at Knew Concepts metalsmithing equipment, will lead the two-day workshop in which students will learn to make what he describes as “metal Velcro.” The […]

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