Student Spotlight: Mary Ann Coffey

January 6, 2015

Like other Metalwerx students, Mary Ann Coffey has turned to Metalwerx to explore and develop her creative instincts, following that irresistible path that leads to making things. Mary Ann graduated from UMass Amherst, earned an MBA from Babson College, and settled in Colorado, where she started her own computer service business. There she took a class […]

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Meet Renaissance Woman Lindsay Miś

January 6, 2015

For an artist for whom line is a favorite design element, details such as a signature, with its curves and the drama it reveals, the different pressures of the writer’s hand, the personality in the strokes of ink, can delight the creative soul. “People don’t appreciate handwriting anymore,” says Lindsay Miś (rhymes with “quiche”). It’s […]

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“What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been” with Wayne Werner

December 2, 2014

Talk to Wayne Werner long enough and the word “trip” comes to mind. He worked at The Psychedelic Shop in San Francisco, made tiger pins as gifts for a Jerry Garcia tour, and has traveled the planet to study the world of metals. From humble huts in Egypt and Sumatra to the esteemed halls of […]

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Student Spotlight: America Cutter

November 26, 2014

Jeweler and perennial student America Cutter took her first class at Metalwerx in 2009.  At that point in her life, she had a young daughter, and had been making beaded and wire-wrapped jewelry for a few years.  (Beading and wire wrapping are, of course, widely viewed as the “gateway drugs” to a full-fledged passion for […]

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Chasing and Repoussé with Avery Lucas

November 4, 2014

Our Winter 2015 course catalog is graced with the artwork of Avery Lucas, a former Metalwerx scholarship winner.  The copper sculpture of two open palms comes to life with its intricate line work, gently imploring the viewer to decide whether the hands are giving, or receiving. The twenty-nine inch piece was created as one of […]

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Joyce J. Scott, Queen of Beads, comes to Metalwerx

October 13, 2014

It is the season of the Queen of Beadwork. With three concurrent solo shows, Joyce J. Scott, the Baltimore based, globe trotting, world famous, African American bead artist modestly refers to all this attention as merely “a real whirlwind.” If one is familiar with her extensive and varied catalog, an underplayed remark such as this is […]

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Feeling Inspired after our Pulse Arc Welding Workshop

October 9, 2014

The buzz on Ganoksin didn’t stop for almost two weeks after our recent blog article, Pulse Arc Welding for Jewelers: The Revolution is Now! At Metalwerx, we have only just begun to “think like welders” and realize the doors that can open with pulse arc welding technology. For three full days, a very full class […]

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Stone Setting Sampler with Jeff Georgantes

September 24, 2014

If you know where one can get a Hawaiian shirt made of flannel, there’s a jewelry teacher in New Hampshire who would like to add it to his collection. “I wear a Hawaiian shirt. It’s like a uniform,” says Jeff Georgantes, head of the jewelry program at Dartmouth College in Hanover. It may help to […]

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Erica Moody, Alchemy 9.2.5 Scholarship winner

September 2, 2014

It didn’t take long for Erica Moody to make use of the techniques she learned in a recent Metalwerx workshop. As the recipient of a scholarship offered by the Belmont-based gallery, Alchemy 9.2.5, she was able to enroll in a class of her choice. She chose to participate in the 2014 Summer with the Masters […]

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Pulse Arc Welding for Jewelers: The Revolution is Now!

August 6, 2014

There’s a micro-revolution happening in studios. It takes place one pulse at a time but can add up to big savings of time and money. Developments in pulse arc welding technology are giving jewelers an alternative to soldering that can ultimately free them to indulge in more creative pursuits. “We finally have something for the […]

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